As a long-established Voralb baker, we have been rooted in the region for over 110 years.


Mitarbeiterfest Bäckerei Kauderer


Our company has always been family-owned and we still produce exclusively for the people here - and with them. The connection to the region and its homeland is very important to us. Of course, we are proud of this tradition, but we are by no means resting on our laurels. With our many years of experience, we are constantly developing new products for our customers and ensure every day that we only put into the bag what we ourselves would like to eat with pleasure: Contemporary artisan baked goods whose quality would have convinced even our great-grandfather.

How it all began

A piece of baker's history

Knowledge is passed down through generations. A good baker's scent is like a magic trick. You have to practise for a long time until you get it right. It's great that we've been in business since 1905. And still love what we do! Many generations of the Kauderer family have contributed to this, constantly developing their passion - the manufacture of quality products. We now employ more than 110 people, motivated, warm-hearted people who enjoy taking on responsibility as part of a team and who live their love of their profession. We are committed to professional competence, constant improvement and with an optimistic view of the future to continue writing the successful history of our bakery family.

Johannes Kauderer
starts a bakery together with his wife Friederike.
Son Gotthold
Kauderer runs his parents' bakery.
New building
of the production and shop premises at Bezgenrieter Str. 42 and takeover of the bakery by son Günther Kauderer and his wife Gertrud. In the following years, parts of neighbouring properties can be acquired to expand the business structurally.
to the salesroom in Bezgenrieter Straße 42 in order to have everything from fruit to merchandise to stationery in the assortment.
In July
Construction work on the largest extension to date at Bezgenrieter Strasse 42 is completed and production begins in the new premises, which now have a total area of approx. 500 sqm.
Start of the
Branch expansion beyond the borders of Heiningen. Takeover of the former Zeiler bakery in Wasenstraße in Jebenhausen.
Major reconstruction
in Heiningen's main shop with the range of merchandise limited to a minimum. This creates more space for the presentation of the bakery and coffee expertise. Replacement of the high tables at the shop window with 5 seats.
of the Eislingen branch in Scheerstraße by taking over the former Göhringer bakery.
of the branch in Wangen by taking over the former Feil bakery.
Kauderer GmbH
The sole proprietorship becomes Kauderer GmbH. The fate of the business is now in the hands of the two sons. Albrecht Kauderer, a master baker and confectioner and business economist, is now joined by Michael Kauderer, a business graduate.
The Kauderer Bakery
celebrates its 100th anniversary and is certified as a 5-star bakery. Opening of the branches in Hattenhofen and in Bad Boll in a REWE store in the front checkout area.
of Kauderer Verwaltungs GmbH and Kauderer Beteiligungs GmbH & Co. KG.
to the municipality of Heiningen that we need a site in Heiningen for a new production building.
The branch
in Eislingen is being enlarged and converted into a spacious bakery-gastro-cafe with 35 cosy seats. Start of the gastro concept. The branch in Wangen is also expanded into a bakery-gastro-cafe.
In the area
around the roundabout, an agricultural area of around 12,800 sqm was developed and converted into a commercial area for the Albrecht Kauderer bakery and a market.
In cooperation
with Staufer's EDEKA store in Jebenhausen, a modern branch is being built in the front checkout area with seating inside and on the terrace.
Departure from
Michael Kauderer founds his own bakery with a production facility in Gingen and takes over the Wangen and Eislingen branches.
Albrecht Kauderer
and his wife Angelika continue to run Kauderer GmbH, represented at the Heiningen, Jebenhausen, Hattenhofen and Bad Boll locations.
The first partial plot at the roundabout with 4080sqm is acquired for the planned new building.
of the Laier bakery in Rechberghausen. Opening of a modern branch in Uhingen with over 60 seats indoors and outside with a very cosy ambience and a beautiful view. Start of the gastro concept with warm dishes.
To complete the planning for the future, another plot of land with 4790sqm was acquired at the roundabout. Thus, a total area of 8870sqm was created by merging it with the already acquired partial plot.
Opening "Freeständer light
A bakery café in container construction with 28 indoor and 48 outdoor seats on the new property at the end of Heiningen. We chose this temporary solution because the purchase of the second part of the plot came as a bit of a surprise and so the construction of the production facility, a financial feat, had to wait.
of a bakery-gastro café in Eislingen on Schlossplatz with around 230 sqm. Around 85 indoor seats and 48 outdoor seats are available in a very cosy ambience close to the town hall.
of the Uhingen branch to double the space with now around 220sqm, 80 indoor seats and 32 outdoor seats. In addition, a separate, cosy room with 14 seats is available for organising e.g. birthdays, celebrations, get-togethers for the elderly, etc.
The new building
is finally completed. In September, production is moved to the new premises at Riedstraße 3. A logistical challenge: operations can be resumed within just one day.
New production hall
with an area of 72x38 m and a large office and social wing is finally ready. After several weeks of meticulous planning for the imminent move from the old to the new production facility, we were able to tackle this logistical challenge in September.
Heat recovery
Heat exchanger on baking ovens, refrigeration machines and steam systems. The waste heat can be used to heat 7000 litres of water. Hot service water, central heating, defrosting of the refrigeration systems and heating of the fermentation rooms are covered by the "waste product" waste heat. Savings of many tonnes of Co2 per year.
Special exhibition
in the 1st branch in Wasenstraße in Jebenhausen. Under the motto: "Good things from yesterday", we tried to revive this branch with the best baked goods from the day before. Unfortunately, we did not succeed, so the branch will close at the end of 2019.
After complete renovation, opening of a branch in the centre of Göppingen in Hauptstraße, formerly Bäckerei Zwicker, with 10 indoor and 12 outdoor seats.
Opening of our branch in the B10-Center with 145sqm on the Müller area with gastro offer, approx. 45 indoor seats and large terrace with 50 outdoor seats.
Dürnau: In cooperation with Staufers Edeka, we have taken over a branch, formerly Bäckerei Glaser, in the front checkout area.
"Big Open Day" with marquee, live music, bakery tours, baking demonstrations, information stands, raffle etc.
and implementation of our new brand presence with the new logo: Kauderer BACKSTUBE Voralb and the quality label
Our branch in the Drei Kaiser in Eislingen with a gastronomic offer. There are 18 seats inside and 20 seats outside. This is our first branch that we have set up according to the limbic system.
Mitarbeiterfest Bäckerei Kauderer
"A big round of applause goes to all our staff. It makes us proud to have such talented and reliable people on our side."
As a thank you for their great commitment, an invitation was extended to the staff party in 2022.
Here is a little insight into the staff party 2022
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The 7 golden Kauderer rules

Nummer 1

Although much is changing in the baking culture around us, we combine traditional craftsmanship with innovative ideas.

Nummer 2

How do you get time into the dough? By waiting, waiting, waiting! Good bread needs time - and we give it time - with passion.

Nummer 3

Produce high-quality baked goods that are safe for the consumer, without the use of premixes, ready-mixes or ready-fillings.

Nummer 4

Our five values are firmly anchored in everything we do: cordiality, communication, order, responsibility, excellence.

Nummer 5

We bake with "Schwabenähre" the regional flour from the Swabian Alb - for our children.

Nummer 6

We use nine different well-groomed pre-sourdoughs and natural sourdoughs with a maturing time of 18-24 hours.

Nummer 7

Our mission is: contemporary craftsmanship, the highest possible transparency and cordiality. That is who we are.

Meisterhafte Backkultur Bäckerei Kauderer