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...and the best ingredients baked fresh from the oven for you every day.

Crispy freshness with every bite

Your favourite creations from master craftsmen

Today, everything has to go faster and faster. But impatience is not a virtue and quality clearly has priority for us. High-quality and tasty baked goods are cultivated natural products and nature takes its time. In the traditional bakery trade, we have always been aware of this and we stick to it and make no compromises here. You can see, smell and taste that.

Brötchen in der Bäckerei Kauderer


From the classic baguette to the healthy loaf of brown bread. You can't go wrong with our breads.

Brötchen in der Bäckerei Kauderer

Crunchy grain rolls

In all kinds of shapes and sizes. Light or dark. And of course with the most diverse Cereals. You too can discover our wide range of grain rolls.

belegte Brötchen in der Bäckerei Kauderer


Topped or baked - our diverse snacks are the centrepiece of every snack. Variety and regional ingredients await you.

Brot aus der Bäckerei Kauderer


We create art from food. We are always inventing, implementing and presenting new creations. You will always be surprised anew.


...but our coffee makes the day!


Good flour for good bread

It all starts with the best ingredients from nearby

The skilled hands of our master bakers refine regional, sustainable and high-quality raw materials.
We attach great importance to the selection of producers and suppliers from whom we obtain our raw materials. We like to look at the regional businesses and meet the people who work there.
When possible, we maintain a personal relationship with them to discuss mutual needs and demands. We are not an organic farm. Our credo is: we process what we want to eat ourselves.

Backen, Bäckerei Kauderer

Flours from the
Straub Mill

Grain experience for 13 generations. Since 1652, the name Straub has been a byword for good flours in the region around Geislingen. In recent years, a lot has been invested in modern, up-to-date equipment.
The Straub Mill purchases its grain directly from farmers in the Swabian Alb and from the agricultural trader Lehner Westerstetten. Since quality already begins in the field, only selected grain varieties are grown in cooperation with the farmers and milled in the optimal mixture. This guarantees the highest and most consistent quality.

Milch, Bäckerei Kauderer

Dairy products from SCHWÄLBCHEN

The Schwälbchen private dairy from Bad Schwalbach offers a wide range of high-quality dairy products. The proximity of the products to nature is their incentive for a sustainable company policy - always in harmony with the milk producers and suppliers from the region.

In responsibly managed farms, which the dairy has known and looked after for a long time, the dairy cows are kept in an animal-friendly manner and are allowed to graze in the unspoilt landscapes of our homeland.
Only milk that meets the highest quality criteria and is of a special quality is used for their products.

Kürbiskerne, Bäckerei Kauderer

Pumpkin seeds
From Lohner

LOHNER has set itself the goal of growing its pumpkins naturally and marketing them itself.
The products are gently harvested and refined in our own production facility. All production steps are subject to meticulous quality control by the producer Anton Lohner.

The fat in pumpkin seeds is one of the most valuable vegetable fats. About 80 % of the fatty acids are unsaturated.

Characteristic of pumpkin seeds is the high content of carotenoids, which give the product its colour and which other vegetable fats lack.