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The origin of excellent baked goods with the best tolerance is the dough.

But how does the difference
actually get into the Kauderer dough?

...right up front: There is a Kauderer promise you can trust. We would like to tell you about it briefly:


"We are not making a profit from the current financial crisis, we will never exchange our high-quality raw materials for cheap, low-quality goods in order to be able to offer lower prices. We are constantly working on further saving energy, using less yeast and further optimising the processes. But we will never skimp on the most valuable ingredients and on the resting time for our doughs. This is the Kauderer Purity Law and our promise, which has been enjoyed and highly valued by our customers for over 100 years, now in the 4th generation. If your body is worth something to you, if you want to enjoy pure & unadulterated baked goods with a clear conscience, then you have definitely come to the right place."


That's what makes a real Kauderer pastry:

The very beginning of a dough is the recipe. At Kauderer's Backstube, this does not come from the baking agent industry, which adapts it to pre-mixes and ready-mixes. Kauderer's craft is a mixture of decades of experience, old family recipes, hard work, new trends and their own passion for eating bread.

Master baker and confectioner Albrecht Kauderer can now draw on a wealth of experience from over 30 years as a master craftsman. Not only does he bake according to traditional family recipes, but he is also adept at spotting new trends and taking inspiration from his customers. From the mixture of tradition and new impressions, he always creates unique, new Kauderer recipes.

We take the quality and beauty in form and taste into our own hands!

New recipes are carefully compiled by Albrecht Kauderer according to these criteria:

  • Selection of suitable and required raw materials in top quality
  • Selection and combination of the optimal pre- and sourdoughs
  • Composition of the swelling, scalding and cooking pieces
  • Selection of the kneading system suitable for the dough in question
  • Determining the mixing and kneading times and the required dough resting times

Only when this has been 100% defined are the doughs kneaded and test-baked - not infrequently up to 20 times, until the fine-tuning of raw material composition, dough texture, dough resting times, baking time, etc. fits perfectly. Only then is it a new Kauderer dough that makes the difference.

We don´t want to, we don´t need to!

Albrecht Kauderer knows to 100% how to harmonise the appropriate components without pre-mixes, ready-mixes and artificial preservatives and freshness-retaining agents for perfect doughs. Because quality does not bake itself.

  • Best cereals from the Swabian Alb, ground by the Straub Mill in Geislingen and delivered fresh every week.
  • Activated drinking water in spring water quality additionally revitalises the doughs, causing the flour's own enzymes and the yeasts to work at full speed. This has a positive 1:1 effect on the taste, freshness and digestibility of the baked goods.
  • 9 different homemade pre-doughs and sourdoughs - also in wholemeal and organic quality - offer maximum flexibility to ensure freshness, an optimal taste profile and natural mould protection in a natural way.
  • Seeds only in the very best quality and in the best possible purity. For example, pure Styrian pumpkin seeds instead of cheap goods from China. Your body will be happy to receive plenty of vitamins and minerals.
  • Puff pastry and yeast doughs are made exclusively with German brand butter instead of cheap margarine made from palm fat. For a fine and unique flavour.
  • Swelling pieces: Seeds are swollen with water for a whole night for natural freshness and better digestibility.
  • Scalding and cooking pieces: Flours or groats are boiled with four times the amount of water, resulting in significantly more freshness and flavour, without artificial swelling flours and thickeners.
  • Fresh milk from German dairies: for baking is a matter of course for us. Fresh deliveries three times a week make it possible for us to completely dispense with dried whole milk powder. This makes the regional farmers happy and our Kauderer dough says thank you and rewards it with a full-bodied taste.
  • Our home-made golden seedlings:
  • 20% of the grain exchanged for our home-made golden sprouts results in about 12 times the amount of vitamins and minerals in our baked goods, compared to pure wholemeal baked goods.
  • Apart from the explosion of vitamins and minerals, the sprouting process offers other advantages:
  • Phytic acid in wholemeal baked goods is very hard on many people's stomachs. During the germination process, this is broken down to around 95%. This has two decisive advantages:
    • Top digestible baked goods and no stomach complaints at all.
    • 100% bioavailable, the vitamins and minerals are available to the body.

The most important ingredient in dough: time, lots and lots of time! So at Kauderer's Backstube we allow the doughs up to 63 hours to rest. In addition to the significantly better tolerance, your body benefits from these advantages:

  • Due to optimally swollen flour, the pastry is kept fresh in a natural way.
  • Sufficient rest for the flour's own enzymes and yeasts results in the formation of flavour precursors. These provide the characteristic flavour of the baked goods even without artificial flavour enhancers.
  • By breaking down the FODMAP (fermentable sugars and alcohols) to at least 95%, the small intestine can optimally absorb the nutrients and you thus receive highly digestible and very easily digestible baked goods.
  • In addition, the flavours develop better when the dough is left to rise for a long time and the bread contains more iron and zinc.

The very best regional ingredients as mentioned above in combination with very, very little yeast - or more and more often without any added yeast at all, but with our own wild yeasts bred in mild fermenting doughs - are the basic prerequisite for a Kauderer dough that makes all the difference. For better digestibility and more flavour.

Those who work with diligence and intellect deliver good results. But only when heart, fun and enthusiasm are added, it becomes really great! That is exactly what makes our dough so unique.

We have declared war on run-of-the-mill quality and love to surprise our customers with a varied and absolutely high-quality, artisan-prepared range. Every single one of our employees is passionate about what they do and shares the values that the head baker and master confectioner Albrecht Kauderer - has chiselled into the bread dough, er into stone, since the very beginning.

True baking art and the best for us and our children!

Kauderer's baked goods, made from high-quality Kauderer doughs, are not about simply filling the body without knowing what exactly you are eating. Rather, it's about true baking art.

Because: We cultivate the deep desire and awareness to offer the best and full energy to nutrition-conscious people and families who like to treat themselves to something good, who look at what really does their stomach and their body good. With baked goods made from Kauderer dough, the origin or, in other words, the values: regionality, tradition, naturalness, enjoyment, passion, craftsmanship, quality.

As a traditional bakery, we give everything to ensure that Kauderer baked goods provide your body with a full load of healthy energy in addition to their great taste.

People who value tradition and, as with beer, want to taste the history of this wonderful drink sip by sip, will enjoy baked goods made from Kauder dough, bite by bite.

Your master baker Albrecht Kauderer