The most important ingredient in the dough: time, lots and lots of time!

#4 As little yeast as possible


The very best regional ingredients as mentioned above in combination with very, very little yeast - or more and more often without any added yeast at all, but with our own wild yeasts bred in mild fermenting doughs - are the basic prerequisite for a Kauderer dough that makes all the difference.

The important thing with this method is to let the dough rise for a long time. If you bake bread with little yeast, you have to let the dough mature for a long time. It needs much more time to rise.

More taste & better digestibility

The use of little yeast paired with the long dough process also gives the bread more flavour. The flour has more time to develop its aromas and you can taste that too. But not only that. Bread like this is also easier to digest. Especially for people with digestive problems, a long dough is very suitable.

Your master baker Albrecht Kauderer

Albrecht Kauderer Teig