The most important ingredient in the dough: time, lots and lots of time!


#3 Healthy bread needs time

At Kauderer's Backstube, we allow the doughs up to 63 hours to rest. In addition to the significantly better tolerability, your body benefits from these advantages:


  • Due to optimally swollen flour, the pastry is kept fresh in a natural way.
  • Sufficient rest for the flour's own enzymes and yeasts results in the formation of flavour precursors. These provide the characteristic flavour of the baked goods even without artificial flavour enhancers.
  • By breaking down the FODMAP (fermentable sugars and alcohols) to at least 95%, the small intestine can optimally absorb the nutrients and you thus receive highly digestible and very easily digestible baked goods.
  • In addition, the flavours develop better when the dough is left to rise for a long time and the bread contains more iron and zinc.

Your master baker Albrecht Kauderer

Teig Bäckerei Kauderer