Step into the fragrant, crispy world of Kauder's baking craft!

The origin of excellent baked goods with the best tolerance is the dough. And we find: THE KAUDERER DOUGH MAKES THE DIFFERENCE.

But what actually makes the difference in Kauder pastries?

#1 In-house formulations

The very beginning of a dough is the recipe. At Kauderer's Backstube, this does not come from the baking agent industry, which adapts it to pre-mixes and ready-mixes. Kauderer's craft is a mixture of decades of experience, old family recipes, hard work, new trends and their own passion for eating bread.
Master baker and confectioner Albrecht Kauderer can now draw on a wealth of experience from over 30 years as a master craftsman. Not only does he bake according to traditional family recipes, but he is also adept at spotting new trends and taking inspiration from his customers. From the mixture of tradition and new impressions, he always creates unique, new Kauderer recipes.
We take the quality and beauty in form and taste into our own hands!

Teig Bäckerei Kauderer

New recipes are carefully compiled by Albrecht Kauderer according to these criteria:

- Selection of suitable and required raw materials in top quality
- Selection and combination of the optimal pre- and sourdoughs
- Composition of the swelling, scalding and cooking pieces
- Selection of the kneading system suitable for the dough in question
- Determining the mixing and kneading times and the required dough resting times

Only when this has been 100% defined are the doughs kneaded and test-baked - not infrequently up to 20 times, until the fine-tuning of raw material composition, dough texture, dough resting times, baking time, etc. fits perfectly. Only then is it a new Kauderer dough that makes the difference.


Your master baker Albrecht Kauderer